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A Puppy Update and Fort Beekenburg

"As we left, she followed us with heartbreaking cries. Her liquid brown eyes pleaded with us. She looked so forlorn..."

Fort Beekenburg
Fort Beekenburg

So I guess you want a puppy update. If you missed our blog last week, click here to read about the puppies we’ve come across living on the golf course by our marina.

When we wrote last week, only four puppies and the father remained. One of the puppies and the mother had been removed from the golf course. We’ve been continuing to visit, bringing bread, cat food and water.

ants carrying a piece of cat food
The ants are quick to cart off any missed morsels of cat food

Last Saturday evening, we visited and two more puppies had disappeared. Only the father and two remaining ones were there. They managed to eat enough food for four puppies though!

one dog eating and two puppies in the background
Save some for us, Dad!

The next evening the two puppies were alone. The father was nowhere to be seen. However, he does go off to hunt or scavenge for the puppies, so we weren’t too worried. A golfing couple who have also been watching out for them told us they had seen the father bring an iguana for all the puppies to share.

However, there was still a risk that the father had been taken and the puppies were on their own. We were reassured the next day, though, as we saw the puppies with their father again.

The next day though there was only one puppy. We felt so sad that she had no one to play with. As we left, she followed us with heartbreaking cries. Her liquid brown eyes pleaded with us. She looked so forlorn.

I'm so lonely!

However, we didn’t feel there was anything to do, except continue to visit. We assumed that soon the charity would pick up the puppy. We felt doubtful that they would manage to catch the father - he’s much too wary and wily.

However, we haven’t only been mooning after puppies this week. With a friend from the marina, we visited Fort Beekenburg, just a dinghy ride away from us. It’s rather an impressive sight, set high up on yellow-black limestone cliffs above an aquamarine ocean.

Fort Beekenburg
Below the water is even more beautiful!

We walked round the ramparts and admired the cannons facing out to sea. The fort was built in 1703 by its modest namesake Governor Van Beek to guard the Spanish Water lagoon; it was used, sometimes successfully, sometimes not, to guard against the efforts of the British, French and dastardly pirates to claim it for themselves.

Spying a little entrance into the tower itself, we ducked down a short dark passage and found a wooden ladder to climb up to the top, with an amazing view over the Caracas Baai (Caracas Bay).

ramparts of Fort Beekenburg
Woe betide anyone passing below - the cannons are ready!

giant chains around a boulder
Best to keep your rock chained up so you don't lose it.

Anyway, we finished the week with some good and confounding news. On our latest visit to the puppies we saw that, one of the puppies that had disappeared was now returned, so there were two puppies again and the father. It was lovely to see them playing and the puppy didn’t cry when we left.

We’re not sure why this other puppy was returned, but hopefully the two puppies and their father can live in freedom on the golf course. We will see.

two puppies playing
Playtime again!

This week's Vlog.

You can find our PODCAST episodes at the links below

YOUTUBE (for video version)

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